Hi, I’m Lory

I'll never forget the day I knew I had to make some major changes in my life. It was 7:11 a.m. and I was driving to my law office during a torrential downpour in my son's battered 1973 Chevy pickup, the one with faded baby blue on navy stripes and a propane tank in the bed that he inherited from his grandfather. As I attempted to take off from a stop light in rush hour Dallas traffic, old Betsy sputtered and died. While I waited, terrified and drenched, for a tow truck to arrive, my cellphone rang with a frantic call from my ten year old daughter, panicked because her ride to school hadn't shown up and she was left home alone. I was helpless, and furious. Something had to give.

It was mid-2004 and my life was a shambles. I was going through a gut-wrenching divorce, which left me with a half-million dollar lake house that was about to be foreclosed. I had over $90,000 in additional debt, and was carrying 70 pounds of extra weight. Even though old Betsy betrayed me that day, at least I had a second vehicle to fall back on when my Saab was totaled.

Although I had been a successful corporate attorney making good money for fourteen years, as a now single mother of four I was beginning to resent the long hours away from my children more and more. I woke up every day feeling like living "the American dream" had become my personal nightmare. After the “truck tanking trauma,” I promised myself that I would do whatever it took to create a living and a life that I controlled. I was going to pursue my passion to become an entrepreneur and leadership development coach.

That Time I Reinvented My Life

I took a consulting position with a Fortune 500 company to pay the bills, while I began to devour books on entrepreneurship and marketing strategy. Inspired by my new entrepreneur friends, I began to build websites and also build an audience on the Internet. I'm embarrassed to admit the ridiculous amounts of money I spent on coaches, courses, and digital information products promising to bring me my dream lifestyle business. What I got was a full hard drive, lots of failed attempts at earning income online, and...then. A sale.

After I tasted that sweet flavor of success online, the rest of 2006 became my year of due diligence on all things digital. I was consulting on business strategy and leadership, while learning how to leverage the internet to get prospects and purchases. I networked with highly successful internet marketers, followed their lead, and began generating passive income by selling other people's products, as well as my own. I was able to use the income to pay off ALL of my debt.

In addition to consulting and training Fortune 500 marketing teams on the magic of digital sales and marketing, I began speaking at conferences, training individual entrepreneurs on how to improve the quality of their lives by using the internet to increase their income, influence and impact. Not only had I escaped the rat race and was living my dream, but I was fulfilling my passion of helping others to do the same!

A Business and Life I Love

Today, I live a life I love. All but one of my four children are out of the house now, but having my own business allows me to see them, and my three grandchildren, whenever I choose. Each of them have started successful businesses of their own.

I get to travel the world training companies on becoming positive, profitable influencers and change makers. I am able to teach entrepreneurs, professional athletes, doctors and other professionals how to create a life, while making a living fulfilling a mission they are passionate about.

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Look around my online office and find what resonates with you and what you want to accomplish. Connect with me on social media. Let me help you create the income, influence and impact you were destined to deliver. It would be my honor to help you build a business that lets you focus on and enjoy the important, rather than be overwhelmed and defeated by the urgent.

My name is Lory and I'm delighted to meet you! 🙂

The Story of Two Timelines: Digital Marketing & Me

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